Abarat focuses on Candy Quackenbush, a teenage girl frustrated with her life in Chickentown, Minnesota. After an argument with her teacher over a school project, Candy leaves the school and goes to the edge of town, where she sees the remains of a lighthouse. She then encounters a master thief named John Mischief, whose brothers live on his horns. Because he is being followed by a sinister creature named Mendelson Shape, Mischief sends Candy to light the lamp in the lighthouse, which summons the seas of the Abarat, known as the Sea of Izabella, in a parallel world. After giving her a key to protect and extingushing the light, Mischief and Candy ride the seas to Abarat. A group of creatures carry them to a nearby island where Candy is separated from him. On the island, Candy learns that the Abarat consists of twenty-five islands, each occupying a different hour of the day. The Abarat was also connected to Candy's world before the harbor was destroyed by Abaratian authorities.