Crackers is a minor antagonist in the 1995 film Tonia. He is a psychotic orange dog, who harasses Tonia.

Crackers first appeared in the middle of the film where he follows Tonia in the jungle. He catches the bunny and tries to kiss her, but Tonia kicks him off. Crackers says that he make Tonia die. Tonia runs away and Crackers follows her. They run through the trees and Tonia falls to the ground. Crackers tries to kiss Tonia, but Kristian appears and punch him away from Tonia and tells him to leave her alone. Crackers tells Kristian that Tonia is his and he has to love her. Angered, Kristian attacks the orange dog, but Crackers uses a shovel to hit the bear. He then corners Tonia, but Kristian grabbed him and slammed him, before throwing him away. He is never seen in the end of the film.