The Taboo is the influential, yet corporal red smartphone of Salomon, which appears to be the world's corporal red item in Japan. It has games, music, and videos. The Taboo had pictures and drawings just like the Graphicalizer, the black tablet of Kirby Buckets. The red phone did well and good. The Shaku also stays in Salomon's closet every day and night so it will be safe.

In Liv and Maddie, Salomon shows Parker his Taboo and tells him that the red phone is the best smartphone in Japan. Happy, Parker shows his blue smartphone called the Exclamator and tells him that the blue phone is the best phone in the world. Salomon and Parker play Candy Crush on their phones.

In Kirby Buckets, Kirby and Salomon are drawing the faces of scary insects on both the Taboo and the Graphicalizer in naming them both: Mr. Mantidfly Man and Mr. Flice Guy. The Taboo has a picture of Mantidfly Man and the Graphicalizer has a picture of Flice Guy. The two raise their devices with scary insects to the teacher, frightening him.