Described in the second book as "the most humanoid of the tarries", Jimothi is the leader of the anthropomorphic felines known as tarrie-cats who live on Ninnyhammer. Jimothi is Candy's friend and a longtime, perhaps hereditary, enemy of the forces of Gorgossium.

He is described and portrayed as a human-sized, catlike creature with dark orange fur and luminous eyes, and an illustration shows him to be clad in a blue-green shirt. He is learned in the history and antiquity of the Abarat, and is therefore one of the figures who fear and distrust Rojo Pixler.

Until the second book, wherein Ninnyhammer is overrun by Mater Motley, Jimothi and the other tarrie-cats are the wardens on ninnyhammer and prevent Kaspar Wolfswinkel from leaving the island and are therefore his constant source of frustration. In the first book, Jimothi assists Candy's escape from Carrion's bounty hunter, Otto Houlihan, by distracting him until Candy is out of reach.