Pixler is an entrepreneur living on the island of Pyon, which he purchased from Christopher Carrion.

He is described as a small man with orange hair and suspicious eyes, and is shown in an illustration to have an orange mustache and goatee. He acquired Pyon and began its commercialization after some time spent as a traveling peddler of toys; during this time, he purchased a triptych stolen by John Mischief that displayed an image of the entire Abarat as seen from above. It is suggested that he used this as a blueprint for his later plans, which include the transformation of Pyon and a similar transformation of the entire Abarat.

At the time of the story, Pixler has, with the aid of various magicians and scientists, created a commercial empire and near-monopoly in the Abaratian economy, making his megacorporation one of the Abarat's greatest political figures and causing some characters to believe that he is a great threat to nonbiological diversity.