Speckle Frew - 5am

Speckle Frew is geographically an uneventful island; the earth is sandy and covered with fine, sharped-edged grass, while the wind is always howling. Though the terrain is scarcely varied, the island is home to a wide variety of species, most of them dangerous. Being the habitat of such animals, Speckle Frew is called "a bestiary" and "not to be trespassed lightly".

Despite this, some comments by two characters in the first book imply that it is at least in part open to human habitation. It is suggested to be a quiet landing-point by a seafaring character called a Sea-Skipper, and a mystic named Mariah Cappella is said to have lived there. Mariah's son is Finnegan Hob, a figure of some importance to the story.