Each of the first line of Tortured Souls figurines came complete with a novelette culminating in a novella entitled Six Destinies. Written by Clive Barker as a companion piece to each figurine, the novelettes give various details regarding their individual backgrounds as well as their overall part within the novella.

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The novelettes take place within the city of Primordium - a dystopian empire amidst a vast desert which predates all previous empires. It is here that the demon artist Agonistes has chosen as his Burning Place.

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The Secret Face of Genesis Edit

According to a heretical text written by a disgraced Cardinal, on the seventh day of Creation, God - driven into a kind of ecstatic fugue by His labors - continued to create life over the course of one day and one night. However, exhausted and void of direction by the act of Creation, He instead summoned forth dark, monstrous beings who where the antithesis of what He had made beforehand. These destroyers would come to be known as demons, of which Agonistes was one of them.

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